Robin Watts                                                 

Brief career history to date;

From September 1976 to September 2008 I worked for the Metropolitan Police. I was a career detective working in a range of arenas but mainly as a murder detective. During the last 10 years of my career I worked in the Child Abuse Arena, spending 5 years as a child abuse investigator in Lambeth London, the next 5 years I worked as a trainer/instructor/consultant, training Police and Social Workers how to investigate Child Abuse from initial referral to conclusion.

Upon my retirement in 2008 I have worked as an Independent trainer and consultant for numerous organisations. I train police officers and social workers in the Child Abuse field, specialising in the interviewing of children, and the assessment and investigative approach. I have delivered training and consulted for numerous schools, excess of 1000, in the UK and all over the world, to date I have been to over 280 International Schools in over 70 countries to deliver safeguarding training, and assist in the Child Protection procedures, policies, and practices. I assist schools also to get ready for the Inspection process and to date all schools I have assisted have achieved ‘Outstanding’ in the safeguarding arena. I am a registered Consultant with COBIS, and I always offer on-going support to schools I have worked in. I also work for Social Work agencies such as Sanctuary, Edenbrown-Synegy, and lecture at Universities. 

My specialism within the training sector.

Child abuse investigation. Including the Forensic interviewing of children (ABE), Joint investigation training. Section 47 C.A. 1989 (significant harm) training, assessment skills training, training organisations like schools, charities and volunteers that work with children in Child abuse awareness, and training the Designated people in organisations in an Advanced level of child protection. I have a specialism all over the world in this arena.

What is the greatest achievement I have seen for a client as a direct result of my work?

I think a few, who after I have trained them, have gone on to identify child(ren) who have been abused and able to protect them. I have been praised – subsequent – to my training on how that specifically protected children in their organisation.

What inspires me most in my role? What do you I like most about my job?

The delegates inspire me the most, seeing them get a lot out of what I am delivering makes it so worthwhile for me.

What are my top tips for helping attendees get the most out of their training course?

“Come with an open mind, even if told to attend, rather than requesting the training. Engage with the trainer and other delegates, network! Ask questions. Remember to prevent harm to just one child would be the most vital achievement you may have ever completed”.