Basic and Advanced Child

 Protection for organisations

Other Courses

Learn more about the trainer.

Two courses are offered. A full 5 days course to equip the professional to interview children for criminal investigations and proceedings.

A 2 day refresher course, for previous trained professionals to update and renew their skills.

Various other courses RAW Training  delivers in the field of child protection and safeguarding.

Such as;

  • Assessment Skills course. 2 Days
  • S47 C.A. 1989 1 day course.
  • Radicalisation and extremism. Half day.
  • FGM. Half day.
  • School Governor safeguarding training. 3 hours 
  • Interviewing Skills 3 hours
  • Bespoke courses. 
All levels of Child Protection and Safeguarding courses for all organisations including Schools 
Achieving Best Evidence

     (Forensic Interviewing)

Our company equips all professionals with the skills to proactively safeguard all children.

Child Protection and Safeguarding